My Tokyo Love Affair

I’ve postponed writing an entry about Tokyo in order to reflect on the things that are as vivid today as they were 30 days ago.

And so a month has passed since returning from Japan. Reuniting with the people and the comforts of home gave me as much joy as I felt embarking on the trip. Friends ask for stories about what I loved most of all about Japan, specifically Tokyo. I’m left feeling speechless in the wake of their questions. I spent a third of my time traveling around one of the world's largest cities and the few words I hope to grasp vanish as quickly as they come to mind.

My time there was surprisingly emotional, which makes it hard to narrate. Each day I fell in love with  tokens of my unscripted adventure --- the challenges, the traditions, the innovations, the normalcy.

Describing to  someone why you love something is a struggle. I often feel vulnerable to fail at capturing the essence of what was felt. Loving something is like wearing a blindfold; we stop seeing the world the way we once did, maybe we stop seeing it entirely, as we are swept away by the emotion. It's ironically still the same world through and through, just supercharged with new feelings. I took the blindfold off once returning home, but I could still see some things the way I had. 

I understood that loving something allows us to discover new depths within ourselves. I turned many corners over there, literally and figuratively, which was truly the best part of Tokyo.  So when I'm asked about my time abroad, visiting a city whose land was once valued to be worth more than the entire state of California, all I have to say is, "I hope you can experience it for yourself – living suspended in wonder as each moment floods your senses."

These are my favorite photographic highlights, and I hope they convey a glimmer of the totality that is Tokyo.