Storify Content Creation App | New Example SEM Tip No. 5

Tell your story.

Creating fresh, highly visual, and easy-to-share content that renders well on mobile can be a challenge. Using an online app to create interactive stories and enhance your content has the potential to generate high-quality social engagement for your brand and subsequently increase SEO equity.

Storify is a simple to use app that allows you to search for content across multiple channels and then use that content to create rich, interactive media that shares your brand's stories.

Storify offers free and paid accounts at


     From Jax and the Team at New Example

Jacqueline Harvey | Principal Consultant at www.yummyconsulting.comJacqueline Harvey is a regular contributor to New Example’s SEM Center. Jax brings more than 15 years of technical SEO, web development, UX design, and ecommerce strategy experience to the team through our partnership with Yummy Consulting, where she is Principal Consultant.

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