Search Weather Forecast | New Example SEM Tips No. 20

Stormy, with a bit of wind...

Sometimes the effort to try and keep up with Google’s changing algorithms and shifting rankings can be overwhelming. And trying to keep up with all the different search verticals that make up a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listing in addition to the 10 organic links in blue and the AdWords blocks, can be just as overwhelming.

To combat this the team over at offers Mozcast. They translate the shifts in Google’s search landscape into a simple weather forecast that's digestible in a single glance.

The Mozcast site is also packed with detailed information about Google’s biggest algorithm updates, as well as a SERP Feature Graph that is updated every 24-hours. The graph displays each of the different search verticals and their significance, providing useful insights to help inform strategy decisions on what search verticals to focus marketing efforts on.


     From Jax and the Team at New Example

Jacqueline Harvey | Principal Consultant at www.yummyconsulting.comJacqueline Harvey is a regular contributor to New Example’s SEM Center. Jax brings more than 15 years of technical SEO, web development, UX design, and ecommerce strategy experience to the team through our partnership with Yummy Consulting, where she is Principal Consultant.

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