Product Page Videos | New Example SEM Tip No. 9

Engage your customers.

Interactive site content that is optimized for mobile is steadily becoming more important to ecommerce success. Adding videos to your online store product pages can have a significant impact on your ecommerce business revenue stream by improving search visibility, driving more traffic, and increasing both conversion rate and Average Order Value (AOV).

Research from Liveclicker VideoCommerce across 14 retail verticals indicates substantial increases in AOV and conversion rate when consumers watch a video on a product page. Interestingly, when you add videos to most of your product pages, not just a few, those numbers climb even higher across the whole site!

Take a look at this short article for some quick statistics from the report and a few video tips:

If you want to look at the full Liveclicker report you can access it here:

And just for some fun food for thought that goes beyond video here are some stellar examples of interactive product UX:


     From Jax and the Team at New Example

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