Page Load Speed Check-Up | New Example SEM Tip No. 8

Page load speed impacts your bottom line.

In light of Google’s recent Mobile Usability search algorithm update it has become more important than ever for the pages on your website to load quickly. Mobile site pages that load all above-the-fold content in less than 2 seconds will rank higher in search.

Page load speed also has a direct impact on ecommerce engagement and conversion rate. For every 1 second delay in page load time conversion rate drops by 7%. A whopping 75% of online shoppers will head to a competitor's site when a page they are trying to visit is too slow to load.

Google has a great page speed testing tool that lets you know how fast your pages are loading. The utility provides actionable information your developers can use to improve site performance on both your mobile and desktop sites. Check it out here:


     From Jax and the Team at New Example

Jacqueline Harvey | Principal Consultant at www.yummyconsulting.comJacqueline Harvey is a regular contributor to New Example’s SEM Center. Jax brings more than 15 years of technical SEO, web development, UX design, and ecommerce strategy experience to the team through our partnership with Yummy Consulting, where she is Principal Consultant.

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