$125 / hr. That's the short answer, but we're happy to tell you more about that price.

First of all, we love teaching businesses how to incorporate the latest Search Engine Marketing tactics into their work. Our "secrets" are yours too - free of charge. Just send us a message and we'll give you our plans for free. Keep them handy for your project, and use them whether or not you work with New Example.

Search Engine Marketing consultants should meet a few minimum requirements. Here are the qualifications New Example brings to businesses that hire us:

First: Certifications

Everyone at New Example who spends time on your project has been knowledge tested. The strategies we create, and our ability to execute your consulting services, are backed by coursework and certification programs from Google.  Here's a link to our Google Partner profile to see how we measure up.


Second: Experience & Spark

New Example's Principal Consultant has been working in the Search Engine Marketing industry since 2005. He's personally involved in every project, along with a diverse and talented team of consultants who employ ethical tactics to meet your Internet marketing objectives. Our squad of search-friendly technologists have banded together to be agile, curious, and tenacious problem solvers for our clients.


Third: Plans & Budgets

All of New Example's projects include a comprehensive client plan. That's not just lip service. Our framework and processes deliver results. We are also mindful of your costs. Our services come with a price quote guarantee. We'll support every task we outline, and ensure the cost you are quoted is final.

These are just the minimum requirements we believe an SEM consultant should provide their clients. If you'd like to discuss your project with us in more detail, please send us a message. A member of the New Example team is always eager to schedule a time to chat. 


Contact the team at New Example and start maximizing your search potential today!