PPC (pay-per-click)


to reach your customers with digital marketing YOU NEED time and patience, BECAUSE even the vast and enormous ship that is the internet can have its course changed.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an essential tool to help any SEM strategy.

PPC will spread your brand name, discover new potential customers or clients, bring in a new revenue stream, and provide relatively quick feedback on performance. The myriad of options that Google Adwords can provide is simply unmatched when compared to other available online marketing tools. 

SEO is sort of like portfolio investing, while PPC  is more day trading. The combination of these two powerful disciplines forms a bridge between the long-term overall goals and strategies that SEO requires (the foundation), with the more month-to-month marketing tactics that PPC can provide.

Keep in mind, there is no silver bullet to reach your customers with digital marketing, but with time and patience, even the vast and enormous ship that is the internet can have its course changed.


  • At any given time PPC provides a means to track every dollar spent, because unlike traditional marketing, advertising dollars  are spent only when a customer/user clicks on an ad.
  • Flexible spending on a daily basis, so if something isn't working it can be immediately shut off. Conversely, if a campaign is showing promise, you can increase its budget on the fly to try and capture a higher percentage of those leads or sales.
  • Reach specific customers at specific times with location targeting and setting a preference on the type of device you think your client-base is most likely to use.
  • Results shown fairly quickly, with immediate feedback that provides a faster indicator of success when compared to organic traffic, which can take time to build.
  • Can help inform other areas of SEO work with keyword research, product testing to gauge demand, and even more interesting campaigns that wouldn't necessarily fit in a traditional marketing strategy.
    • Using sitelink extensions to promote special services, seasonal, or one-time  events.
    • Tagging specific areas of your site to capture a niche customer base, and remarket to promote tangential events/special services.


The companies we work with are dedicated to customer satisfaction, just like their team at New Example.

Clients who put their trust in New Example’s PPC solutions include:


Whether your company is launching a brand new website, improving an existing site, or embarking on a full-scale site migration from one platform to another, New Example customizes our SEM strategy to meet the specific needs and goals of your ecommerce site. 

Using proven PPC strategies that meet and exceed the search engine industry and web marketing current best practices, our team of expert SEM gurus analyze each aspect of your website that impacts your search and ad rankings. We research industry trends and competitors for your particular field of interest, hone in and offer insights that go well beyond simple ad copy . These include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Ad Copy Writing/Testing
  • Landing Page Content/Meta Content
  • Spending and ROI Strategy
  • Benchmark Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Sales Trends

Then, we create and execute a road map of actionable PPC improvements designed to enhance your marketing goals, boost your brand's awareness, and establish a new source for potential revenue.


At New Example we understand the needs of our ecommerce clients running search and display ad campaigns.  Qualities we offer include:

  • Long-term Marketing Strategies & Goals
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Google Merchant Tie-ins
  • Segment Specific Products for Tailored Bidding Strategies
  • Quarterly and Seasonal Plans & Benchmarks
  • Weekly Updates on Worked Performed
  • Monthly Account Performance Recaps
  • One-on-One Calls 

Contact the team at New Example and start maximizing your search potential today!



When this New Example client decided it was time to enhance their Aveda Concept Salon marketing strategy, they turned to our expert Search Engine Marketing Services to help them take their business to the next level.

Our goal? Modernize their marketing strategy. Create and implement an optimized search engine advertising campaign that drives targeted traffic to the site; and boosts the salon’s potential to generate new business.

Did we succeed? Definitely! Take a look. . .

>>> Check out Aveda Adwords Campaign and get the details!

  A New Example client success story!


A New Example client success story!

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